web development

wb-devYour website is your online window to the outside world. The need of the hour for any business or organization is hence a website of its own that features all the possibilities of Web 2.0; a truly professional website that has a great interface, is easy to use, and sends across the right information. Businesses require a site that can securely handle business transactions, where every visitor is transformed into a potential customer. And what asraiConnect promises is precisely that: world class end to end customized solutions that perfectly suit your requirements at all levels and creates an unparalleled web presence. From web hosting services to the concept, design, development & maintenance of website, to custom web programming, we offer a total package of excellence.


add_process (2)Domain Name Search & Domain Name Registration

Get started with the domain name of your dreams – a name that reflects the image of your business and products. We aid in the search & registration of domain names, providing recommendations for suitable names when required, helping you find your address online.


mail_accept (2)Hosting & Business

We offer web hosting and email services that meet your evolving communication needs including personalized email addresses for individuals & businesses.


web (2)Web Application

Web applications are becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Our team uses the latest technologies & proven methodologies to come up with web applications that augment your business ideas.


edit (2)Content Management

We provide a wide range of content management system services, including ready to use solutions, platform customization & CMS integration, that makes authoring and managing the content of your site child’s play.


We present a tight integration of websites with social media through custom designed social networking solutions that enhance interaction with the users.


attachment (2)Flash Application

We provide bespoke quality web based applications built on Adobe Flash encompassing media collaboration tools, video recording & streaming, chat solutions, and so much more, that results in a rich user experience.

mobile_phone (7)Mobisites

Mobisites are an extension of brands’ digital presence and are websites specially created for smartphones. We offer savvy and attractive mobisites to accommodate the mobile audience with provision for QR codes linking.